Impossibly Positive

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Roommate Issues

I avoided having a roommate after my college experience as long as possible. I'm very messy, and never wanted to put anyone through that. However, it was a little wearing paying oodles of cash for a teeny tiny studio in downtown. Almost half of my money was going to rent, and the rest was all the other bills. I was literally eating top ramen every day. Enough was enough!

A friend of mine had lived with the roommate from hell for the last two years. He actually shared his room with the psycho's 10yr old son. She was so nutty that her ex got custody, which doesn't happen very often. So Al decided to move in with another friend, Jeremy, who had just purchased a new townhouse out in Beaverton. The move happened in February, and by March, I was hanging out with the two of them at the house on a regular basis.

Jeremy realized he was broke, and so the offer came in. It worried me, but the thought of my financial woes lifting was incentive enough. Without hesitation, I moved in in early April. There were complications though - or at least one, and she goes by the name of Abby.

My cat is a punk. Seriously. She's three years old now, and is still sketched out. She's a momma's girl. It took months before she would even come into the same room as my housemates. I blame her idiosyncracies on the fact that I smoked a lot of pot when she was a baby kitten. Brain damage, perhaps? And I did mushrooms once and petted her, but I don't know if that whole thing about the chemicals being transferred through skin is true. Admittedly, I didn't get her spayed until just before I moved into the new house, so that may have something to do with the fact that she used to pee on everything. Yuck.

Jeremy thinks she has fleas. I think HE has crabs. More on that later :) Ciao!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm meeting my boyfriend's parents this weekend.

There are a few things wrong with that statement.
One - I never have boyfriends.
Two - I never meet their parents, and they definitely aren't allowed to meet mine!

And now, within just six weeks, I'm head over heels.

Here's the normal man for me: He's way too old (at least 34 to my 24,) he's a jealous prick that likes to yell at me, and for some reason I'll sleep with him, but don't want my family or friends to see him because I'm embarrassed by him. He's usually very aggressive, intelligent, sarcastic, and a major socializer. Generally tall, loud & handsome, built like a wrestler or a soccer player.

Somehow I've now ended up with a man just three years older, who has already said he loves me (I think it's mutual - scary!), isn't booksmart, but is totally handy, and works with his hands. He's a sweetheart who tells me I'm beautiful on a regular basis. He's also charmed my mother and all of my social group. He's soft spoken & fiercely loyal to family and friends. Oh, and he loves to drive really, really fast on quads, bikes, and in his Jeep.

It's different, but I obviously wasn't doing something right the last few times I tried.

*sigh* And he's ready to settle down, too. Even all of his friends are married with kids. My friends, however, are all single 20-somethings who drink too much.

We'll see what happens - it could be interesting. I'm not sure if he's the kind of guy I ever thought I would be in love with. It drives my mother nuts - she always thought I'd be a scientist or a doctor and marry a filthy-rich educated guy. She can't stand that I haven't graduated from college yet, and that most of my close friends and lovers from the past few years haven't either. Never mind the fact that I have a great job (well, two jobs, actually) and am doing all right for myself. Anyhoo, if I want to keep my great job, I'd better get back to it.