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Monday, March 23, 2009

Campbell's Soup At Hand

So I had a horrible surprise when I opened my lunch today. I'm trying to diet a bit, so I picked up some single-serve soups at Albertson's this weekend. This thing actually puffed a cloud of green spores at me. SO GROSS. And now I have a sore throat from inhaling it.

For the record, the seal on it is supposed to be silver, so take a close look under the red lid and maybe spin it around to check for goo before purchasing.

The Campbell's folks were awfully nice. They were super-apologetic on the phone, and I guess they're sending me stuff.

Still... BLECH!



  • The dish I make Balsamic chicken with mushrooms is almost exactly the same as the sweet & sour chicken on Suburban Bliss. Substitute mushrooms for peppers, and cook the mushrooms in a couple tablespoons dijon mustard mixed with a big splash of balsamic vinegar and probably a cup of chicken stock.

    So you cut up the chicken in small pieces and cook it in oil quickly. Then set aside the chicken and add the mushrooms and liquid to the pan. Cook that until the mushroom start to get soft and add the chicken back in. Cook until the chicken is done.

    Serve over rice.

    By Blogger Rayne of Terror, at 5:15 PM  

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