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Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Retrospective

Halloween was a pretty low-key affair. Rev and I went to my mom's house, where we ate some chili n' cheese. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Lucky me - I've still got some leftovers in my fridge for dinner tonight. Rev was an absolute peach, and allowed me to wrangle her into her pink flamingo costume without a fuss. She even kept her hood on all night too.
We played it safe, and only stopped at three neighbors' houses. At our first stop, right next door, she knocked on the door. When it was opened, instead of remaining politely on the doorstep, she ran inside and proceeded to try to escape up their staircase. These were old family friends, so they just chuckled and let me chase after her.
There was no candy-eating for Rev in the evening, because she'd been two-fisted into the treats given by her daycare's cul-de-sac romp earlier in the day. Her poor little tummy was upset and she had that rashy stealth diarrhea twice in the evening! I did get a couple of great pics courtesy of grandma.

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