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Saturday, January 13, 2007

The job search begins!

So I hate, hate, hate my new position at work. I used to love my job, and now it's just depressing to go. Unfortunately I'm one of those people for whom productivity is directly related to interest. When I'm not interested, I slack off, big time. This week (week 3 at the new position) was a disaster. Monday I called in, blaming it on the baby being sick.

Karma bit me in the ass, and my daycare provider called in sick at 6:40am on Wednesday. Mom was too busy to take Rev, so I stayed home with her. Thursday I went to work because it was Mom's day to have Rev, but I spent the whole day looking for new jobs. My boss was out, and the whole department didn't have time for me since they were understaffed due to a snow day. I left early to interview with a local temp agency. Thursday night the daycare provider called in again. Apparantly she's pinched a nerve in her arm or something? Her doctor said to take it easy for as long as a week! I spent about 12 out of my 40 scheduled hours at the office this week. Whoops.

So today I took Rev to the Children's Museum. It was great! All of the moms in the infant room were really chatty and friendly, and I'm definitely lacking in mom friends, so it would be nice to stalk the place for a buddy. I was surprised by how much I really enjoyed being home with Rev, and that's definitely a consideration for future employment.

I think I've applied to about 20 positions in addition to my enrollment with the temp agency, and today I had an email in my inbox requesting a phone interview! Yay! The position would be for a freight broker with General Freight, an LTL carrier that I've worked with a bit at the coffee company. I'm excited for the interview, but I'm not going to accept low pay. If I'm going to work full time, it needs to be worth it.

My other option is to go back to working at the pub three nights a week. I have been on their payroll for over a year, so I can start insurance coverage immediately if I work three nights a week. One weekend night and two weekday nights would be perfect, and I'll make roughly the same salary. $7 and change/hr plus tips adds up. For instance, I worked a Saturday night in mid-December, and made $70 in wages and about $210 in cash tips. An average night won't be that good, but I can expect at least $60-90 for a weeknight.

We'd be able to let our daycare provider go, saving us about $400/month, and Mom can take Rev two nights a week instead of two days. It'll be easier for her, since Rev is a super-sleeper, and will ensure that I'll get at least six hours of sleep on the nights I work. The other working day, Nos will just have to deal and play daddy for three hours after work. Eventually I would like to go back to school (maybe in the fall), and finish my Bachelor's degree. Following that, I think it's about time to surrender to the inevitable, and get my teaching certificate.

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