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Thursday, September 28, 2006

This working mom thing is tough! I used to read about 1000 pages of fiction a week, and now, I'm lucky to get through a book every three weeks. I get up at 6am daily, get home at about that time each night, and go to bed at 10, so there's really not a lot of 'me' time available. Nos gets insulted when I read, too. I guess it isn't considered productive in his opinion. Very different than him sitting out in the garage playing with toys, right? According to him, he's actually doing something, where I'm just sitting on my duff. I beg to differ, of course.

We did go ahead and place Rev with a new daycare. The caregiver is a little wierd, and it drives me nuts when she says, "There's my baby!" in the mornings. Um, hello? That's my baby, crazy lady! I guess you have to be a little nutty to deal with the kiddos all day. I know I couldn't do it.

I will be so glad when next week is over. I'm filling in for a national account manager while she's on maternity leave. Too bad they're not paying me her salary, too! The girl makes 20k more than I do in a year, and I'm doing her job for peanuts. Yeesh. There's a convention in Florida next week, and I pretty much need to make sure my boss's boss and his boss have everything they need while they're down there. Since I work for a coffee roaster, that means all the consumables involved for drip coffee, espresso, and blended drinks, along with materials and graphics for two presentations. I was originally slated to go to the event myself, which would have been great experience, but c'mon, how could I leave this at home?

How the heck did she get so big?!?


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