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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Everything is back on an even keel at home. We had an excellent weekend. I think working again is going to make me treasure family/down time so much more.
Friday night we conked out early, and I had a BBQ with some kids from my high school class on Saturday. Jessica found me on myspace, and it was interesting to see what people have done with themselves for the last seven years. I am happy to report that even though I'm only 3-months post-pregnancy, my butt was not the prize winner for "Most Expanded." Not to say I was the best-looking one there either!
Nos & baby Rev came with me, and it was pretty surreal to see people I've known since I was 12 playing with her. Not one of the other folks were married, and most were just finishing up school. I guess I have been a busy gal.
Is it evil of me to sometimes be embarrassed of Nos? I went to school in a pretty snooty suburb, and he's a country boy. I love him, and if I do, people should tend to like him as well, I'd think... but man, the boy has a dirty mouth. I swear, he drops an F-bomb in almost every sentence when he's talking to his buddies, but I'm proud to report I heard nary a one at the BBQ.
Nos went out with his brother and sister-in-law later that night to celebrate his brother's birthday. I stayed home with Rev, and picked them up from the bar at around 1am.
Saturday was a busy day too! We went out to breakfast and then stopped by the pub I work at occasionally. It was lovely to sit out on the patio and have a beer. At the last minute, we decided to go to downtown Portland with Nos's brother's family. We played in the fountain by Keller Auditorium, and then caught the MAX train to Saturday Market. Too bad that the market was closing down by the time we got there. Oops! I fed Rev in the car, and Nos took her home while I caught up with one of my old roomies. Al was hanging out at CC Slaughters, a gay bar, and yikes! There was naughty man-porn playing, so I was a little uncomfortable. The Anna Nicole Smith drag-queen look-alike made up for it though. As did the game of Nuns and Vicars bingo.
I ended up drinking more than I'd planned on, and we had to give poor Rev a bottle of frozen breastmilk. Yesterday morning was pretty ugly too! I never realized how much I'd miss aspirin, since I'm not allowed to have it while bfing.


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