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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It has been almost a full year since I last posted.
I think it's been so long because when I was first fascinated by blogging, I was reading mostly teenage-angst filled stream-of-consciousness type stuff. There was really nothing in my life that inspired me to make the effort to share. Everything felt rather self-important.
When I discovered I was pregnant, I looked to blogs as a means of learning what was in store for me. I found Miss Zoot last September, soon after I discovered my pregnancy, and fell in love (don't worry, Zoot, it's not stalkerish, I swear). Through her, and the ladies in her blogroll that captured my attention, I feel connected to a community. This is a one-sided connection, however, because none of them even know I exist. I must admit, I'm jealous of the stories I've read about last weekend's BlogHer, and these women from different communities and backgrounds meeting their virtual sisters. In part, the motivation for reactivating this blog is that maybe I'll get invited next year, darnit!
There really is only one way to make a connection, and that is by revealing myself.


  • Hey, no invite necessary...BlogHer is open to anyone who registers and shows up :)

    Next year in Chicago!!

    By Blogger ElisaC, at 4:16 PM  

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