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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Now that I'm back at work, I've been doing a lot more driving. My commute pre-Rev was about 15 minutes each way with no traffic, and about 30 each way on a normal day. We moved when Rev was about a month old, and added about 10mins of street driving to the highway driving I was already doing. On the days Nos takes Rev to our local daycare provider, my drive is about 30 miles round-trip. On the days I take her to grandma's, it's 50! I have to do a big V. Ugh. I think my weekly commute is about 8 hours. That's a LOT!

Maybe because I'm on the road so much, I find I'm really irritated by other drivers...

Top 5 irritating things drivers do:
  1. Not understand that merging lanes are like zippers: first one side goes, then the other. As opposed to the YIELD sign, where they better well wait for a big ol' open space.
  2. Sit so close in the blind spot of your vehicle that you can't tell if they'll let you in or not when you are attempting to change lanes.
  3. Turn into traffic on a main road causing the person now behind them them to slow down, especially when there is a big huge break behind the person they've forced to slow down.
  4. Drive 10 miles under the speed limit on a road timed so that you hit the green lights if and only if you're doing the posted speed. By going too slow, every light is a red light.
  5. Not signal when turning. Conversely, signalling when not turning.

Other strange driving things seen while driving this week:
  • A bunch of sweaty landscaping guys shouting at me through their open windows on a traffic jammed highway. I wonder if the ring and the fact that I have a baby in the backseat would have put them off?
  • A car stopped at a red light at a major intersection, then treated it like a stop sign and went straight on through. Um, buddy? That red light wasn't blinking.
  • During the turning lane green light cycle at yet another major intersection, a car went straight against his red light. And almost into me! Luckily the baby wasn't in the car, or I would have had a heart attack.
  • I've always noticed that a home on the way to work has a semicircular green patch in the lawn while the rest is brown. A chair sits in the center of the patch. Last time I passed it, a little old lady was sitting in the chair watering her lawn. But only in a 180 degree arc in front of her chair. I guess that explains that.


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