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Friday, August 11, 2006

Rev rolled all the way over last night for me. Mom sent an email on the 8th while I was at work to let me know I'd missed my first major milestone.


I must admit I've been placing her on the floor at every opportunity, hoping to see a repeat, and I finally got the payoff yesterday. Nos wanted to get it on camera, but then, he wants to get everything on camera. And then he makes everyone watch the unedited footage. Aarg! I'll have to learn how to edit on the computer one of these days.

Other Rev news:
  • We get smiles and coos all the time now.
  • The girl just wants to sit up. When she is laying back against our legs, she positively strains her body upright. With a little help, she sits as long as we stabilize her torso.
  • Bedtime is finally settled into a routine. At 10pm, she'll sleep! All. The. Way. Until. 6am. Of course, she's sleeping in her swing... I know, I know - bad mommy! She simply won't relax enough to go to sleep on her back. It's either in bed with us, curled up against my side, or it's the swing. Now that I'm back at work, I need more sleep, and I just don't sleep soundly while she's in bed. The goal is to work on crib sleeping during the weekend.
  • She's in that funny in-between stage between size 1 & 2 diapers. 1 isn't quite big enough, so we get blowouts up her back, and 2 has too-big leg holes, so we get spill-over there. Hopefully she grows a little more quickly!


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