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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Work has been tough this last couple of weeks. I've been pretty much minding other people's accounts for the last year, on and off, and it's becoming dispiriting not having my own accounts and responsibilities. They're working on putting together an offer for me now.
I've been filling in for a gal on maternity leave, which has filled my time since my own maternity leave, and she comes back to work on Monday. My department has promised me an offer by this Friday, and another branch of the business is trying to lure me away in the meantime. They're offering a 15% raise and they'll pay for continuing education. The job is also one that will translate easily from company to company. Continuing on the path I'm on now, without having my college degree, is tough. I'm an account manager, and earned my way here over the past two years, but I won't easily be able to translate the experience elsewhere, as I'm not an ideal hire without my degree. The job I'm doing now is one that I've always pictured myself doing, and it is tough for me to voluntarily abandon it for a much less glamorous, but more important, role.
I guess I'll figure it out this weekend!
Either way, it's a much needed raise. My last raise was eaten up by the increase in health insurance premiums with the baby, and this raise should cover our monthly daycare expenses, so I'll be right where I started before I had Rev. It's almost amusing, but painful at the same time.
On that painful note, Rev finally sprung her first tooth. I first noticed it last week, and it's broken through now. She's been a trooper, and has hardly complained at all. She's one day shy of seven months old, and she's already pulling herself up to a standing position. I think I'll have an early walker. Some major bumps and bruises are on the way, I fear, as we have hard tile floors through most of the house.


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