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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's been a while, eh?
Rev is crawling. Oh my lord, that went quickly! She scoots around the whole house, and is much more aware of where we are. She sure wants to make sure we're all paying attention to her. There's a whiny cry she makes when we aren't obviously looking her way. She's also eating tons and tons of food. It's quite funny, really. If we're eating and she's not, she makes this funny little "uh, uh," sound and follows the food with her eyes. The girl will eat everything under the sun, even pickles and asparagus. It's refreshing - my little brothers were the pickiest kids ever. The now-15-year-old still won't eat pizza with sauce.
Nos and I are struggling a bit, still with the same old issues. He doesn't think I clean enough, and I get mad when he doesn't come home on time. It's degenerated to the point where we're both keeping score in our minds, and each of us feels like the wronged one. I think it's time for a counsellor. It's either that, or we'll be wrapping up this whole tired experiment soon.
And you know, that's not so bad, really. Maybe we were brought together just to create Rev?
On that note, here she is!

Six months old!


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