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Friday, January 05, 2007

Lots of changes this last couple of weeks. That work 'offer' that was supposed to come through? Yeah, not so much. Instead it was more, "Well, thanks a lot, Ezza, but we don't have any money in the budget to keep you in this department." It came down to either taking a job with the production department or leaving the company. What really irks me is that we just did insurance signups and flex spending signups, and if I had known last month that this was going to go down, I could have put the kiddo on Nos's insurance, leaving me free to take a different job with no guilt.
I'm not entirely unhappy, because I will have a lot going on with this new role, and a raise. Not much of one, but enough to finally crack 30k/year. Basically I am now the Quality and Processes Coordinator for the manufacturing plant. My background is entirely in customer service, so I expect many challenges. Oh, and did I mention that I have to write a corporate manual by the end of February? And that my old department still wants three hours of my time every day? And that I have at least three hours of meetings scheduled every day? Heh. I'll be busy.
The holidays:
Christmas and New Year's were quite tame. Christmas morning was just me and Nos and Rev, then we went to my parents' for the afternoon, and finally to my stepfather's cousins' house. It was nice and low key, except for Ted's creepy hunting buddies that were giving out major pedophile vibes. On New Year's, some of Nos's friends and family came over to our house and we watched Jackass II while the men (boys?) blew things up outside.
Still crawling and pulling herself up onto everything under the sun. She's also gotten quite good at picking the most miniscule things off of the floor and stuffing them into her mouth. She's waving occasionally, and does a cute little ululation thing by flapping her hand over her mouth. Food is one of her favorite things, and she's still a champion sleeper.

So that's it, and I keep thinking of all these stories I want to tell, but there's no time. I guess I should post more often! New Year's resolution?


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