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Monday, February 04, 2008

Hello stranger!

Well, oh well, oh well... what a busy season we've had?
Gosh, has it REALLY been three months? Jeez, so much for blogging in November. Or December. Or January. Ahem. Whoops!
Let's collect ourselves...
At the same job?
Child still living, breathing, and as cute as ever?
Paperwork filed to officially divorce my husband?
er... no... reasons to follow.
Ex-husband still taking daughter once a week?
er... no... again, reasons to follow.
Ex-husband still employed?
Ex-husband still living nearby?
Oh, jeez, look what happened? Since I last posted, did my ex have kidney failure (probably from drinking paint solvent because he had an open can at his work station), get fired, and move to Bend, OR?
Why, yes!
Cuz now it's totally ok for me to file final divorce proceedings, ha ha ha.
Can you see how much easier my life is?
You know, I totally had this single mom thing easy. Honestly, I got one or two nights off a week. That's a lot, since I've suddenly gone cold turkey for the last month. I can't really sell him short. He HAS wanted to see her recently, but the weather (and his flashy glamour car - WHICH IS ATTACHED TO MY!!! BANK ACCOUNT) won't let him go anywhere.
He's also behind on the "child support" OK... I ask for $800/mo. BUT WAIT. $500 of that is the car payment attached to MY bank account... which means when he is late, it comes out anyway. That's totally awesome for my stress levels, by the way. Let's just say he's been late about 40% of the time. The other $300.... 1/2 her daycare, 1/2 her health insurance, and his freakin' cell phone, which he also can't pay. So yeah, let's just say I'm not asking for much.
So that's it.
Oh, and my daughter actually had pigtails today after daycare. Which rocks. I heart her pigtails. They were so cute!
I stole her rubber bands and I'm wearing them now, ha ha!

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