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Sunday, March 02, 2008


We did the IKEA trip yesterday, and let's just say WOW. I literally just wrote a huge long post about it, inclding body-surfing toddlers and mad dashes for the exit, but it just died. I think I must have hit some weird combination of tab and delete at the same time or something, because this auto-save feature that blogger is supposed to have is absolute crap apparently. It was WOW in a scary way though. Rev was completely past meltdown stage by the time we finally took the trip home, and I'm actually really impressed with myself that I kept it together.
After a 30-min wait in line, I had to maneuver her, a stroller, and a handcart carrying over 80lbs of product on it. My car was at the very furthest corner of the parking lot. I ended up seating her on the cart, folding the stroller up, and covering her legs with my coat, which for her equals blanket, and 'don't move'. It worked. But then I had to move her darn seat. The only way was to keep her still - and thank goodness for a messy car, because I found a baggie full of dried blueberries to keep her occupied - and slide the seat over with her in it. Then I could collapse the other seat and fit her new mattress in. There was no way I could fit the box on the car, in it's 33" by 63" dimensions, so I had to unpack the bedframe right there in the parking lot.
She cried on the way home then finally fell asleep. I carried all the various peices up before disturbing her, and then brought her straight to bed. She slept for two hours. I did too! When Rev woke up, I put her bed together, and she's done every single sleep in it since then. Last night, her nap today, and tonight!
Not a complete success, since she'd obsessed with HUG right now. It's a fail-safe attention getter, since who could say no? She did really well last night, since I was willing to lay down with her for quite some time, and fantastically with her nap today. She's very proud of sleeping in a bed instead of a crib. Tonight, however, she had a late nap, and I put her to bed at her normal time. I think she was up about 15 times. Always with the excuse of needing a hug. Sometimes she even brought her favorite puppy and bear out, and cuddled in on the couch, pretending to sleep. We even had a cute giggle together when she asked for a hug in bed, and then held my head hostage. One of those amazing laughs where you just feed off of the other person. Otherwise, every time I left the room she dissolved in tears because I would't lay down with her or have one more hug. Finally after putting her to bed at seven, she fell asleep at nine. And now, it's MY bedtime!

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